Author: Kevin Morrison

Kevin Morrison, also know as That Movie Nerd with his reviews, is an NYU Tisch student for Dramatic Writing. He loves movies, television and everything Superhero related. He wants to make movies and write comic books in the future, but for now he loves writing reviews about current Superhero shows like Supergirl, The Flash, and Daredevil!

Supergirl “Solitude” Review

Even Superheroes can feel alone.

Agent Carter Season 2 Finale Review!

The Season Finale of Agent Carter ends with a bang!

The Flash “King Shark” Review

Earth-2 problems are done, right? ...right?

Agent Carter “The Edge of Mystery”/”A Little Song and Dance” Review

Two new Agent Carter episodes this week that gives us more depth, action and fun!

Supergirl “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” Review

After a week absence (thanks Grammys!), Supergirl is back, dealing with the consequences of last episode involving (SPOILERS!) the death of Kara's Aunt Astra.

The Flash “Escape from Earth-2” Review

The Earth-2 adventure continues! Barry has been captured by Zoom and Cisco and Wells must figure out a way to rescue him and Wells' daughter by striking a deal with Killer Frost.

The Flash “Welcome to Earth-2” Review

Break On Through 2 The Other Side.

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