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Friday Female Spotlight: Cathy Han’s Harley Quinn Movie and Amy Schumer’s ‘I Feel Pretty’

It's been a good week for women in Hollywood, and in this first column, I'm taking a look at some very positive movement forward.

We Live Entertainment’s Favorite and Least Favorite Marvel Films

With the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War the Marvel Universe is buzzing and here at We Live Entertainment, we are talking about our favorite and least favorite films of the Marvel World.

Michael Moore’s The Big One 20th Anniversary: The Movie That Changed My Life

20 years ago today, Michael Moore changed my life. When his second film, The Big One, played at Cornell Cinema, I was a junior at Ithaca College worrying about my dating life. Then I saw families with...

30 Years Of Steven Seagal: To Change The Essence Of A Man

Perhaps now is not the best time for a Steven Seagal retrospective since he seems to have defected to Russia and allegations of his abuse stretches from the making of On Deadly Ground to recently. I’v...

Rampage Reactions: What are Critics and Audiences are Saying About Dwayne Johnson’s Monster Movie

Rampage held its World Premiere tonight in Los Angeles. Here are the initial reactions from critics as well as audiences.

Remembering Heath Ledger: 5 of His Best Performances

Today would have been the talented Heath Ledger's 39th birthday. To honor him, here are five performances that were his best.

Indecent Proposal’s 25th Anniversary: A Decent Re-evaluation

I always liked high concept movies. Movies like Speed and Face/Off where just hearing what it’s about makes you have to see it. High concept isn’t just for action though. When I saw the trailer for In...

Beetlejuice Turns 30: Tim Burton’s Timeless Gothic Masterpiece

Scott Menzel celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Tim Burton classic Beetlejuice.

23 Great Video Game Movies Not Based On Video Games

Inspired by the recent release of Tomb Raider, the latest video game movie failing to rise above dull, and the opening of Ready Player One, a film that packs tons of video games references in its stor...

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