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Last Action Hero 25th Anniversary: Fictional Franchise Fred Approves

For most people 1993 was the summer dinosaurs came to life. For me it was the summer Arnold Schwarzenegger came out of the screen. Seeing a kid go into an Arnold movie and break all the rules and vice...

“The Incredibles 2” Press Conference: 6 Things We’ve Learned

At the Incredibles 2 Press Conference, we had the chance to hear from the voices behind some of our favorite characters. Here's what we've learned.

Dirty Work 20th Anniversary: Revenge For Norm MacDonald

By 1998 the mid-90s cast of SNL had been doing quite well in movies. None were the massive hit of Wayne’s World, Beverly Hills Cop or Ghostbusters before them, but Adam Sandler was cranking out hits a...

Freditorial: When Did Summer Movies Stop Feeling Like Summer Movies?

This is my 40th summer (39th actually since I was born in November). Somewhere in the last 20 or so summer movies stopped feeling like a big deal. Thinking back to summers two or three decades ago, I ...

Finding Nemo (2003) - 15th Anniversary

15 Years Later, Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo’ Just Keeps Swimming Towards a Legacy of Success

Matt Marshall revisits the legacy and critical and box office success of Pixar's 'Finding Nemo' for its 15th anniversary.

Cliffhanger 25th Anniversary: Stallonely at the Top

25 years ago today, Cliffhanger heralded the Memorial Day weekend and the start of the summer movie season, back when such seasons waited until Memorial Day to begin. Today, Cliffhanger’s opening day ...

Rambo III’s 30th Anniversary: Stallone Again, Naturally

May 25 is an important movie anniversary for lot’s of people. May 25 falls on a Friday again this year, so it’s nice to have more new movies debuting in the wake of such classics.  I am talking, of co...

Solo: A Star Wars Story Cast & Creators Discuss Staying True to Fans

At the press conference for Solo: A Star Wars Story, we learned about the creators and actors' experiences and trying to stay true to the fans.

11 Things We Learned About ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

We had a chance to sit in on a delightful press conference with the cast of "Solo; A Star Wars Story"... here's what we found out.

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