Sundance 2018 Review: ‘Tully’ is Jason Reitman’s Best Film since ‘Juno’

Scott Menzel reviews Tully from writer Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman

Franchise Fred Review: Bad Santa 2 – The Worst Santa

Comedy sequels have a rocky track record although there are great examples like Addams Family Values, A Very Brady Sequel and Neighbors 2. It’s an even bigger problem when so much time has past that t...

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: “Lockup” Review

Gabriel Alcantara gives his review on "Lockup", the fifth episode from season four of Agents of SHIELD.

“Independence Day: Resurgence” Review: 20 Years of Waiting… For This…

Big Gabe gives his take on the looooong awaited sequel "Independence Day: Resurgence"

“The Do-Over” – Review By Zachary Marsh

Zachary Marsh reviews the second film in Adam Sandler's four-film deal with Netflix, "The Do-Over!"

“Now You See Me 2” – Review By Zachary Marsh

The first "Now You See Me" did a lot to impress Zachary Marsh. Did the sequel fall flat as many sequels do, or did it have some new tricks up its sleeve?

Arrow – “Broken Hearts” Review

After three weeks of no new Arrow on TV, the show returns with the 16th episode of season four. Here's Big Gabe's review.

“London Has Fallen” Movie Review: Has This Franchise Fallen?

Big Gabe reviews the action sequel "London Has Fallen".

Agent Carter “The Edge of Mystery”/”A Little Song and Dance” Review

Two new Agent Carter episodes this week that gives us more depth, action and fun!

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