Supergirl Review

Supergirl “Strange Visitor From Another Planet” Review By Kevin Morrison

Bookended with the most frustrating and worst thing this show has given us, a great episode is between exploring the origins of Martian Manhunter, making him the great DC character we know he can be, ...

Supergirl “Childish Things” Review by Kevin Morrison

A new villain and some surprising back story for Winn shows up this week on Supergirl! The Toyman has arrived, broken out of jail and has a plan to destroy the toy competition. He also so happens to b...

Supergirl “Hostile Takeover” Review

Kevin Morrison's review of the last episode of Supergirl before its winter break.

Supergirl “Human for a Day” Review

Supergirl “Human for a Day” Review: DC Comics Fans, You’re Gonna Wanna See This…

Supergirl “How Does She Do It?” Review

How does Supergirl do it? How is it that in this show’s weakest episode I am still engaging and in love with these characters, fully enjoying everything that is happening?

Supergirl Livewire Review By Kevin Morrison

Supergirl and the team are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, but not without a few snags

Supergirl “Fight or Flight” Review by Kevin Morrison

Cast in the shadow of her more prominent and experienced cousin, Superman, Kara is faced with trying to prove herself to National City

Supergirl Pilot Review

Kevin Morrison soars with Supergirl

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