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Jon M. Chu Interview: “Without Jem, there’s no Crazy Rich Asians.”

Scott Menzel's interview with Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu

The Last Sharknado Movie Review: Franchise Fred Approves The Finale

Even though Franchise Fred always wants to see more sequels indefinitely, I do enjoy a good “final chapter.” Mainly because I’ve learned it’s never the last one anyway. So I don’t believe we’ll never ...

Even The Last Sharknado Director Anthony C. Ferrante Agrees Sharknado Will Continue

When I heard that Sharknado 6 was going to be The Last Sharknado, I was inspired to write a Freditorial about how nothing guarantees another sequel like calling the next one “final.” Sharknado franchi...

Review: A Messy, Action-Packed, Road Leads To ‘Mile 22’

Well, that was something I didn’t see coming. This fourth Mark Wahlberg/Peter Berg collaboration seemed to be promising a straightforward action flick, freed up from dedications to dramatizing real-li...

4 Poor

Review: ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ Holiday

In a vacuum, I suppose Crazy Rich Asians could be treated like many other standard romantic comedies. From a story perspective, it has little to offer that has not been seen before, give or take a few...

7 Good

Review: Alpha is an Inspiring Tale of Survival and Perseverance

Scott Menzel reviews Alpha, which opens in theaters on Friday, August 17, 2018

8.5 Great

Heart and Souls 25th Anniversary: Philosophical Phantasy Fred Approves

Heart and Souls was my favorite movie of all time when I saw it in 1993. That was pretty common back then. I was 15, so every year I’d seen a movie that became my favorite of all time. I was still dis...

The Meg - Warner Bros. - Box Office

Box Office: ‘The Meg’ Takes a Major Bite Out of a ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Trifecta

Warner Bros.' "The Meg," starring Jason Statham took down two-week champion "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" at the box office.

Review: Crazy Rich Asians is an Enchanting Celebration of Asian Culture with an Award-Worthy Performance by Constance Wu.

Scott Menzel reviews Crazy Rich Asians, the highly anticipated film based on the beloved novel of the same name,

9 Amazing

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