‘Casino’ is a Must Watch Movie

Casino is a Must Watch Movie

With its plethora of neon and cash, lowlife hoods and high rollers, Casino does an excellent job at exploring the innards of American’ most decadent playground. Las Vegas’ motto is “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” which makes it the perfect place for an in-depth morality play, but the tone of this film is actually quite journalistic.

Casino is based on Nicholas Pileggi’s reportorial work and comes filled with tons to keep you interested for the entire 3 hours of runtime. The plot is built much like a centipede, filled with characters with such messy lives that it’s hard to form the typical dramatic arcs. But, the material by Mr. Pileggi also contains many truths that are stranger than fiction, phenomenal showdowns, complex mob trivia and characters whose obsessive and conniving fury are perfect for Martin Scorsese’s canon. He’s been there and done that in the movie Goodfellas but that movie doesn’t have this films peacock extravagance and blistering bitterness.

Joe Pesci, Robert Deniro, and Mr. Pileggi (all Goodfellas alum) are back and join Scorcese to do what they all do best. But, Casino has something new, in Sharon Stone. And, in fact, this could be considered one of her best (but possibly underrated) roles.

She plays Ginger McKenna, a conniving beauty who falls far – from the Vegas royalty to its lowest depths. And, in doing so, she perfectly represents the comprehensive range of this movie’s stark extremes. Like all the other principal characters in this film, Ginger is a slightly modified version of the woman in Mr. Pillegi’s book. But, it’s important to note that her extreme behavior holds true to the original.

Casino is mainly about a gambling prodigy, who goes by the name Sam (Ace) Rothstein, and who was in charge of a successful hotel-casino back in the glory days of Vegas. Sam is more a number cruncher than a mobster. He even regulated the number of blueberries that could be placed into each blueberry muffin. And, that’s not all, he also made sure that the showgirls in his employ were a certain weight.

But, he didn’t have to be a big bad gangster, his best friend (Nicky Santoro) handled all the messy, vicious work that needed to be done. That is until Nicky became a little too big for his britches.

This movie spins an intriguing web that succinctly outlines the complexities of casino cheating, the intriguing final structure that links casino profits to Kansas City mob bosses, the greased palm modus operandi in Vegas (from valet parkers to politicians) and much more. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with any of that when you visit Royal Vegas online casino, where you can enjoy much of good about casinos while leaving out the bad.

The becoming, yet outlandish, flashy costumes from the 1970s are a must-see by themselves. Take, for instance, Ms. Stone’s traffic stopping numbers to Ace’s colorful outfits.

Although much of this film is exemplary, this film sometimes overloads the audience with its fiscal data and arcane themes. Sometimes, it takes off on little tangents. Sometimes it can seem a little repetitive. Still, most of the movie is enveloping and intriguing, concisely packing in an abundance of detail.

In a town where even marriages can be pure business, Ace asks Ginger to marry him in what can only be called a gambler’s proposal. Taking everything in stride, she accepts but doesn’t stop seeing her old boyfriend, called Lester Diamond. James Woods does a great job playing this sleazy character. Someone who can only be described as a card cheat, moocher, and a hustler. And, although he only plays a minor role, his character is still sharply drawn.

All these characters come together to create a film that can only be described as a classic. This must watch film is filled with nuances that every true movie buff will appreciate. And, if you would like to make a little money out of the deal, consider the movie themed games at Royal Vegas online casino. In this way, you can get the highlights of this wonderful movie while simultaneously lining your pockets.

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