Gradebook: Deadpool

Gradebook: Deadpool

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Bryan Sudfield: Deadpool (9.5)

This film is summed up into three words: beautiful, bloody and brilliant. Ryan Reynolds owns the role of Wade Wilson/Deadpool and you can see that with the amount of passion he had when watching him on screen kicking some ass. The use of meta and fourth wall breaking was handled extremely well. The action sequences were very creative and the film’s use of heart was very endearing. This is a film that’s meant to be seen for Valentine’s Day. Don’t see those Nicholas Sparks fartbombs, see a bad-ass mofo named Deadpool.

Zachary Marsh: Deadpool (10/10)

Deadpool was an explosively fun blast from start to finish. To say this movie is a non-stop laugh riot from the first frame to the last is an understatement. Aside from being the funniest superhero film ever, the romantic and more dramatic aspects of the film also worked wonders. Ryan Reynolds obviously steals the whole movie, proving that he was born to play this character. The other performances in the film were also great, and Stan Lee’s cameo is magical. So incredibly meta, so many fourth-wall breaks, so damn raunchy, and so gloriously violent, this is a movie I will be seeing again ASAP. And 20th Century Fox, please make a spinoff movie about Dopinder. Or at least put him in Deadpool 2.


Nick Casaletto Deadpool (9/10)

Deadpool is the most R rated fun you will have at the movies this year! The brilliant marketing campaign lived up to its hype when the opening credits started rolling on Deadpool. The film is funny, action packed, crude and very self aware. The role Ryan Reynolds was born to play was absolutely the merc with the mouth in this comic adaptation that has re-watchability value all over it. If your of age and don’t get offended easily, go get some chimichangas and see Deadpool!

Austin Putnam: Deadpool (9.5/10)

I haven’t laughed this hard since What We Do In The Shadows and smiled this big since Star Wars. As a fan of Deadpool this film gave me everything I wanted to see in a Deadpool film. Also very impressive considering this was a directorial debut!


Ashley Menzel: Deadpool 9.5/10

This is how you do a great R-Rated action comedy. The jokes are spot on and Ryan Reynolds has that perfect sarcastic asshole tone to his voice. The comedy and the action is definitely a well deserved hard R rating. It is a ton of fun and a great time for ADULTS. It is a film that captures your attention from beginning to end and at no point feels over the top. Definitely check this film out in the theaters for a fun time!

Mark Krawczyk: Deadpool (10/10)

My face is still hurting from laughing so hard. Ryan Reynolds was born to play this role. From the breaking the forth wall to the self -referential jokes, to a very talented supporting cast, to fun action scenes, Deadpool does it right. I have seen a movie that had the entire audience laughing continuously. This is how you do a raunchy action comedy. I had such a fun time I immediately wanted to buy another ticket and take another ride. I know I will this week sometime. If, for no other reason, than to try and catch the jokes I missed because the audience and I were laughing so hard. See It.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Deadpool: 9.6/10

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