Gradebook: The LEGO Batman Movie

Gradebook: The LEGO Batman Movie

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Ashley Menzel: The LEGO Batman Movie (6/10)

The LEGO Batman Movie is fun, self-aware, and entertaining…. for the first half of the movie. The problem with The LEGO Batman Movie is that there is a repetitive nature to everything in the film from the jokes to the ending. I’m not saying that it isn’t fun and enjoyable but it is not the groundbreaking incredible experience that people are making it out to be. Just keep your expectations in check.

Zachary Marsh: The LEGO Batman Movie (10/10)

The LEGO Batman Movie is the 2017 equivalent of Deadpool, in which it totally makes fun of the superhero genre every chance it gets. The opening sequence is absolutely glorious, and like The LEGO Movie, it goes places you don’t expect it to go. I was laughing from literally the first 5 seconds of it on, and the jokes and humor didn’t die down much at all. In fact, it came to a point where it got exhausting to laugh because of how creatively hilarious this got. The most unexpected thing about the movie as a whole, aside from the story, believe it or not, was how surprisingly moving and emotional it got. It has a great message about family and teamwork, and it strangely works as a valentine’s day movie as well. Not only do I think The Lego Batman Movie is better than The LEGO Movie, but I believe it’s one of the best superhero films of the decade. It very well might be just as, if not stronger, than anything in the MCU, and it’s unquestionably better than anything DC has done in a while. It might not be the most amazing or perfect movie ever, but as a whole, this is an absolute blast to watch from start to finish.

Nick Casaletto: The LEGO Batman Movie (8/10)

While it may not be as great as The Lego Movie, the spinoff is enough to separate itself from its predecessor. The humor hits you at every turn in the script, even if it does become a bit much by the 2nd act of the film. There are plenty of easter eggs for Batman fans of all ages, especially in the first 30 minutes of the movie. I was on the floor laughing at points, and that is definitely credited to the script, and Will Arnett’s incarnation of the caped crusader. The film has a surprising amount of heart and messages that will stick with children, and have parents be happy they brought them. This is no more than a good time at the movies, a fluffy escape for 90 minutes and the best Batman movie since The Dark Knight.

Scott Menzel: The LEGO Batman Movie (7/10) 

The highly anticipated follow-up to the LEGO Movie is now in theaters. The LEGO Batman Movie features Batman as you never seen him before. The story discusses themes that no other Batman film has addressed and is focused on family and loneliness. The LEGO Batman Movie is stunning to look at and has a surprising amount of heart to it. I liked the bold choices that were made in regards to showing Batman as the ultimate narcissist as well as the way the writers present Robin for the first time on-screen in decades. The film does suffer, however, from its runtime which is about 20-30 minutes too long. The film becomes a bit too repetitive with an ending that seems a bit too clean cut even for a family film. The film left me feeling mixed because I loved the first half but was indifferent in the second half. There is still a lot of good to be found but I can only hope this will be the last lego movie with the same repetitive themes.

Adam Haskell: The LEGO Batman Movie (7/10)

The LEGO Batman Movie is overlong, draggy, not all of the jokes hit, and it can get pretty boring at points but I still enjoyed it for the most part. The animation is fantastic, the voice talents are great, the opening was amazing, and it had some catchy tunes. I don’t think it’s as good as The LEGO Movie, it’s not as memorable nor as funny but It’s a fun film and I’m pretty satisfied, this was originally gonna be a 6.5/10 but thinking about it more I like it a bit more. Check it out, it’s fun.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for The LEGO Batman Movie:  7.4/10

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