Gradebook: Sleepless


Gradebook: Sleepless

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Daniel Rester: Sleepless (6.5/10)

The screenplay for Sleepless doesn’t do anything new in terms of action genre storytelling, but it also plays to its formulas well enough. Jamie Foxx is always watchable, and this is a fine display of his physical talents. The film also benefits from a rapid pace and a juicy bad guy performance by Scoot McNairy. Sleepless is 90 minutes of cops-versus-bad-guys escapism that isn’t great but is better than most January offerings.


Scott Menzel: Sleepless (4/10)

Leave it up to an American studio to completely miss the point of what made the original film, Sleepless Night so great. This half-assed remake falls into the realm of it’s so bad, that it’s good, and that’s because while the action is well shot, everything else about the film is poorly executed. Each character has no depth and the chemistry between the characters is pretty much nonexistent. The entire film is predictable, and there are several moments of sheer hilarity that aren’t even supposed to be funny. While I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being somewhat entertained, this doesn’t make Sleepless a good film. Instead, it makes it a guilty pleasure for some but it is definitely not worth wasting your money on seeing it in theaters. Wait to Redbox it or Netflix it.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Sleepless: 5.3/10

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