Gradebook: Split


Gradebook: Split

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Nick Casaletto: Split (8.5/10)

This is M Night Shyamalan’s best best films 10 Signs. The ones master class director goes back to his roots in this tension filled psychological thriller. The film works so well because of James McAvoy’s dedicated in fearless performance as Kevin. McAvoy separates each personality distinctively, making them feel like different people instead of the same person acting in multiple roles. I love when a film puts their trust in the audience and makes you guess till the very end. The pacing may drag at times and you definitely have to suspend your disbelief. However, if you can do this and you are a fan of M. Nights previous work (pre The Village) please do yourself a favor and see Split with a packed crowd on opening weekend, as you will not be disappointed.

Daniel Rester: Split (8.3/10)

M. Night Shyamalan took a step back in the right direction with “The Visit” in 2015. But with “Split” he makes a full welcome return as the film is on par with his early excellent work. James McAvoy is simply amazing in the film, elevating the already interesting material to another level with his multiple distinct performances. Anya Taylor-Joy also proves once again that she is an exciting young talent to watch. The writing here is sharp and clever, the atmosphere is unsettling, and the very end of the film makes the third act better than it seemingly is at first; without spoiling anything, I will say that those familiar with Shyamalan’s past work will get more out of it.

Mark Krawczyk: Split ( 7.5/10)

James McAvoy is really the man reason to see this film. His performance is top notch. He manages to create excellent division between the personalities. I loved every minute he is on screen. The story is interesting enough and M. Knight keeps it simple. Which he seems to handle better. I do wish they had a different back story for the main female character in this. I thought her motivations were a little too predictable and really cliched. I did like the fact they had a psychiatrist character who seem to have the purpose of explaining that Barry (James McAvoy) is the exception and not the rule to people with DID. I also had guessed the twist ending. This isn’t a bad thing because Shyamalan did exactly what I was so hoping he would do. Overall it is one of his better recent works.

Zachary Marsh: Split (9/10)

Intense, funny, and captivating throughout, Split marks a glorious return from M. Night Shyamalan thanks to a sharply written script, solid direction, and James McAvoy’s grandiose performance. An absolute must see if I must say so myself.

Average We Live Film Gradebook Score for Split: 8.6/10

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