Kim Coates talks Adventure Club and Post Sons of Anarchy

Kim Coates talks Adventure Club and Post Sons of Anarchy

The character of “Tig” from Sons of Anarchy has become a household name since the iconic television hit first premiered on FX in 2008. Kim Coates made a character that was not only a badass but also empathetic and undeniably hilarious. He has since done a plethora of different roles, ranging from the brutal and graphic Officer Downe to his most recent family friendly film, Adventure Club. I had the pleasure of speaking to Kim on his latest project, as well as reflecting on the role that made these opportunities possible for him now.

You can also check out the full audio of the interview below!

Nick: In terms of, you know, the most recent years, what was it like to do more of a family friendly, kid role?

Kim Coates: “Damn, it was fun.”

NickWas it?

Kim Coates: “I mean, I think I’ve been talking about this all morning, so I’ll try and be short, but Nick, I … When Sons was over, to be able to be, completely free, to do my movies again 24/7 was an awesome place to be. I’ve just completed my ninth project, in the past two years, since post Sons.

So I haven’t stopped, and I’ve turned down a million things, but I mean this, I’m exactly where I want to be, and this guy, The Adventure Club, when it was sent to me, I … Do you know how ballsy, and amazing it is, for like Producers like Shayne Putzlocher, and Sara Shaak from Trilight Entertainment, to offer this to me? I mean, you’re right, I’ve played a lot of bad boys, sometimes the bad boys are the best written, and I love getting into character’s, you know my work. But, this guy, was so sweet and trustworthy. I mean the three leads of The Adventure Club, are Sam Arnold, who plays Ricky, Dalila Bela she plays Sandy, and Jakob Davies who plays Bill.

They’re the rocks of this movie, and Billy Zane, Gabrielle Miller, and myself, we surround these kids, and Uncle Ozzie, when I read it, I had to do it. Because he’s funny, he’s sweet, they trust him. We came up with this secret little handshake. I’m not sure these three kids really knew who I was. I think they might of a little bit, because I’ve done a million movies, but not from Sons of Anarchy, they’re too young, but their parents certainly did.

So, their parents lost their cheerios when they met me right, so to be so different, that’s why I act, that’s why I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing, and to play this guy, and figure out he has four pairs of glasses. I rode this old bike around set to get me into character, and frumpy clothes, and hanging out at the … There was … it was a real antique shop, that we filmed at.”

“So I haven’t stopped, and I’ve turned down a million things, but I mean this, I’m exactly where I want to be.”


NickThat’s awesome to hear, and it shows too. Usually an actor or actress, from a really celebrated T.V. Series, you see them a handful of times afterward, but you always say “oh that’s so and so from that show”. So, it’s really unique when someone can break out of that mold, and a favorite character that’s been on for years and years.

Kim Coates: “Thanks, Nick, I mean that, thank you.”

NickYou stop going  “That’s Tig from Sons of Anarchy” or “That’s this character”. That’s a real compliment, from me to you. From a movie lover.

Kim Coates: “No, I mean, that means the world to me. Because Nick you know, that you get this, when you have done as I have so many movies and I’ve done arcs right on Entourage, and CSI Miami, and Prison Break.”

Nick: You know, you sound so humble and genuine, and usually when actors say that I’m just like “Okay, they’re just saying that”. No, I believe you. I believe you 100%.

Kim Coates: “Thank you, man. I do, I just got the biggest award you can get last weekend. It’s called the ACTRA Award of Excellence. I’m Canadian obviously, and American, but Canadian first. To get this honor based on my career, and my charities, and being a proud Canadian, it’s so humbling to me, and I’m so thankful. I love giving back to my community, and I love giving back to my charities, and I love working with the best people. I’m too old now not to, and I’m going to continue, I’m not going anywhere.

I’m in a real exciting place now, to be able to talk about, like a little movie like The Adventure Club, and everything else that’s coming up for me, it’s great, and I enjoy talking to people like you and sharing stories. It’s awesome.”

NickI enjoy hearing it honestly, I do. So, with a little movie like Adventure Club, what do you want audiences to experience while watching? What message do you want them to take away?

Kim Coates: “That’s a great question. I think you know this as well as I do, we’re in a world now where movies are 80% Star Trek, and Spider-Man 28, and Marvel, and I can’t keep up. I can’t keep up, I’m not a hypocrite because I’m also in big movies like that. But, for me to do these incredible, little whacky, beautiful independent films. That’s why I’m such a big promoter of Film Festivals, I still think and thank goodness we still have Film Festivals, that you can see some of these movies.”

In all honesty, Kim Coates was the most delightful interview I’ve ever had the pleasure of conducting. He was nice, funny, genuine and down to earth.

Adventure Club opens on VOD on February 10th, 2016


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Nicholas Casaletto was born on February 7, 1988. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Nick was raised on Star Trek and other Science Fiction television shows and films inspired by his father. From a young age, Nicholas was hooked on story lines, characters, and plots and saw television and film different from most others. Nick would later get into more indie films and appreciate filmmaking as a craft. Today, Nick sees more films than ever at early screenings. He loves sharing his thoughts and getting into friendly debates about films. Nick is a movie critic as well as a content and opinion writer.

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