LA Film Festival Interview: Amir Arison

LA Film Festival Interview: Amir Arison

Film Independent and the LA Film Festival has been committed to celebrating and promoting independent cinema. Every year, the LA Film Festival features a wide array of films that celebrates creativity, passion, and diversity. These films are directed by filmmakers from all across the world. Film festivals are where audiences can see passion projects come to life. These are the type of films that tend to spark conversation which is something that I feel desperately lacks from the majority of Hollywood films.

Premiering tonight, Monday, June 19, 2017, at the LA Film Festival is Leena Pendharkar’s new film 20 Weeks. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the film prior to the premiere and without giving much away, this is one of those great independent films that will spark conversation and debate. It is not an easy film to watch but there is definitely a lot to talk about after watching the film. Luckily, I was able to sit down with Amir Arison, one of the film’s leads, to discuss the subject of the film at great length.

20 Weeks provides a modern and intimate look at the pressures surrounding pregnancy and relationships. The film is particularly timely given today’s political climate, there are currently 43 states where late term abortions are illegal, regardless of the circumstances.

The film follows a new couple in their thirties, who after learning that their baby has a very serious health issue in utero after the 20 weeks scan, must decide whether or not to move forward with the pregnancy. It’s a drama about how prenatal and genetic testing can now contribute to the choices people face in their pregnancies.

Starring Anna Margaret Hollyman (Mr. Roosevelt) and Amir Arison (The Blacklist), the film is written and directed by Leena Pendharker. This is Leena’s second feature film – her first film RASPBERRY MAGIC, starring Bella Thorne and Alison Brie, screened in more than 25 festivals winning numerous awards.

20 Weeks, premieres Monday, June 19, 2017, at 7 pm at Arclight Culver City.

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