Let’s Talk About that EXTRA SCENE in “Logan.”

SPOILERS about the EXTRA SCENE in “Logan.”

In modern day superhero cinema, it’s almost mandatory to have a post-credit scene or “tag” as the credits draw to a close. Starting back in 2008 with Marvel Studios first Iron Man, these tags are more often than not, a set up for a sequel to that film, or a different one within that same universe. Marvel Studios started this trend, and now recently 20th Century Fox jumped on the post-credit scene train with The Wolverine in 2013.

After seeing Logan at a press screening several weeks ago, there was no tag after the credits to be found. However, shortly after the press screenings, the official time of Logan went up by three minutes, which one would assume, would be a post-credits scene. This has happened plenty of times before, including the famous “Shawarma” scene at the end of the first Avengers movie. Not including that little extra something that may leak online, so that audiences everywhere can be genuinely surprised.

Logan, However, (and don’t quote me on this) I believe this a first ever “Pre-Movie” tag. After all of the trailers that play before the movie, we are greeted by the respected theater announcing that the “Movie Starts Now.” We see the 20th Century Fox logo and fades into a hooded man walking down a street with a backpack. As the camera pans up, we see the hooded man is wearing earphones listening to “Angel Of The Morning” by Juice Newton.

The man takes off his hood and unveils himself. You guessed it; it’s Wade fucking Wilson (aka Deadpool). As he is walking towards a movie theater (where Logan is playing), he sees a man being mugged in a dark alley, and in typical Deadpool fashion he decides to act “heroically.” The “merc with a mouth” goes into a conveniently placed phone booth to change into his superhero outfit.

What makes this scene hilarious is that the original “Superman” theme song by John Williams is playing in the background. The entire audience was keeled over in laughter as Wade Wilson’s silhouette struggles to change into spandex within the confines of a phone booth. While this is happening, small easter eggs are planted throughout various images in the scene. I’ll let you guys look for those yourself, as I still feel I didn’t see all of them.

By the time Deadpool comes out of the phone booth, the person who was being mugged is dead lying on the floor. Wade walks over to him, lays on his dead body with posters of Logan everywhere and having a conversation with the recently deceased senior man. Wade says that the man would probably be alive if Logan were here.

I nearly pissed myself with laughter, along with a packed IMAX theater. This looks to continue the fourth-wall breaking, the self-aware tone that made the first Deadpool so successful.

The scene ends with the title “Deadpool 2, Coming Not Soon Enough.” It was the perfect Teaser for the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel and was a hilarious and creative way to showcase it. It is also a much-needed lighthearted scene before the two hours and ten minutes of the necessarily bleak, Logan.

UPDATE: You can now view the clip in its entirety below!

What did you guys think of the “pre-movie” scene before Logan?


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  • Mark Krawczyk

    I personally dug the Firefly posters in the background. I know some of the names in the graffiti probably also had some mean but I am not familiar enough with the brand to spot them all.

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