Stephen Amell


Stephen Amell, well-known for his portrayal of Oliver Queen/ The Arrow on CW’s Arrow, is spending some time back-peddling and apologizing on the internet. He has taken a hiatus from Twitter and has been posting many apologies on his other social media sites. The controversy centers around Ahmed Mohamed, the student who was arrested for having a homemade clock with him at his schooling Texas. People are pointing out the blatant racism and stereotyping that occurred in the arrest of the student. In a Tweet, Stephen said “Stereotyping Texas isn’t any better than stereotyping Ahmed. Just so we’re clear.”

In my opinion, Stephen has NOTHING for which  to apologize. He was simply pointing out that two wrongs don’t make a right and that by stereotyping another group of people (Texans) to criticize and retort against the stereotyping of another group of people is wrong. We don’t bring ourselves up by standing on other people.

Stephen Amell is one of those incredibly honest celebrities who is really open with his fans. He runs Q & A’s on his Facebook page and often posts videos talking to his fans. Of course, he isn’t always going to say things that all people agree with 100% of the time, but if we keep slamming the celebrities who give us their honest opinions, we are just left with the fake press releases and statements from actors’ representatives. Which do you prefer? 

As a philanthropist, Stephen Amell supports many causes and does a great deal of good for other people. He launched a campaign on, benefiting Stand for the Silent, which fights bullying & Paws and Stripes, an organization providing service dogs for wounded military veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injury, through integrating service dog training and education with mental health support. He also worked with the organization F— Cancer, where he was expected to sell 500 products and ended up selling over 60,000, with all proceeds going to the charity. In addition, he has shown public support for his actor friend, Jared Padalecki for his Always Keep Fighting Campaign.

In no way did he mean to offend anyone and in no way should he have to apologize for it. Why should Stephen Amell not be allowed to express his opinions on topics? Why do we have the right to silence his opinions?

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