The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society Accepting Applications Through May 31, 2017


Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society (LAOFCS) is a new LA-based film critic society founded in 2016. The society’s goal is to create a diverse community of film aficionados that share a passion for film criticism in the greater Los Angeles area. LAOFCS is currently accepting applications for critics residing in and around the Los Angeles region through May 31, 2017.

Founded by Scott Menzel, Scott Mantz, and Krisily Kennedy, the LAOFCS is the first and only Online Film Critics Society in the LA area.

“Here at the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society, we support the idea of criticism as creative expression and hope to build a community where all of our members feel free to express their valued opinions, regardless of its negativity or positivity,” said Menzel. “We want to do it through an online connection, making us the first Critics Society of this nature.”

In order to apply, qualifying members must live in the Los Angeles area. They must have a minimum of two-years worth of experience in the field of film criticism as well as at least 60 published film-related articles within the last 365 days. For these articles, the LAOFCS requires that they consist of at least 400-words each, accepting reviews of current theatrical releases, film festival films, classic films, DVD and Blu-ray releases, and television shows.

“We will also accept applicants that review solely on YouTube and other video platforms, so long as they reside in the Los Angeles region,” said Mantz. “We are incredibly excited to be expanding our critics group here at the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society, and we are encouraging everyone to consider applying this May.”

The LAOFCS stated they plan to review all application requests by mid-June and notify applicants of the status by the end of June.

For more information, or to apply today visit:

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