Alycia Pascual-Peña

TV Review: Saved by the Bell, 1X4, “The Fabulous Birchwood Boys”

Chike Coleman reviews episode four of Saved by the Bell, "The Fabulous Birchwood Boys."

8 Great

TV Review: Saved By The Bell, 1X3, “The Bayside Triangle”

Chike Coleman reviews episode three of 2020's Saved by the Bell, "The Bayside Triangle."

7 Good

TV Review: Saved by the Bell, 1X2, “Clubs and Cliques”

Chike Coleman reviews episode two of the modern take on Saved by the Bell, "Clubs and Cliques" in which Mac and Aisha find different ways to deal with homework.

‘Saved By The Bell’ Series Premiere Review: Class Is Definitely In Session

The series centers around a new group of Bayside High students from "overprivileged" and working-class families, among the latter of which were transferred to the school as part of a plan by now-Calif...

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