Austin Crute

‘The Greatest Hits’ Review: Play It Again, Harriet

Harriet discovers certain songs can transport her back in time. While she relives the past through romantic memories with her former boyfriend, her time-traveling interferes with a burgeoning new love...

8 Great

‘They/Them’ Review: Earnest Proclamations and Little Horror

LGBTQIA+ empowerment tale set at a gay conversion camp where a masked killer arrives to stir up even more trouble.

4 Poor

2022 Sundance Film Festival Review: ‘Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul’ is a Witty, Satirical Look at Megachurch Culture

In the aftermath of a huge scandal, Trinitie Childs, the first lady of a prominent Southern Baptist Mega Church, attempts to help her pastor-husband, Lee Curtis Childs, rebuild their congregation.

7 Good

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