Danielle Brooks

‘The Color Purple’ Review: Musical Reimagining Receives Royal Treatment

Torn apart from her sister and her children, Celie faces many hardships in life, including an abusive husband. With support from a sultry singer named Shug Avery, as well as her stand-her-ground stepd...

8 Great

TV Review: Peacemaker, 1×8, “It’s Cow or Never”

Peacemaker is an absurd show. Only James Gunn could come up with a concept so crazy for a superhero show that by the end of it, all the themes that you sort of saw become immensely clear. I would not ...

8 Great

TV Review: Peacemaker, 1×7, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around”

Forgiveness is a crucial part of “Stop Dragon My Heart Around.” It came on the part of Chris forgiving his father for the years of torture he endured as a child. Robert Patrick does an exc...

7 Good

TV Review: Peacemaker, 1×6, “Murn After Reading”

“Murn After Reading” was absolutely insane. I never expected a group member to actually know that their leading commander was a butterfly. I also didn’t expect the queen to escape, e...

8 Great

TV Review: Peacemaker, 1×5, “Monkey Dory”

Peacemaker has reached a level of absurdity that most audiences won’t be able to fathom. In this episode, you have Peacemaker and his team infiltrating a facility that creates nectar for the but...

4 Poor

TV Review: Peacemaker, 1×4, “The Choad Less Traveled”

“The Choad Less Traveled” is essentially the full story of Vigilante and how he truly supports Peacemaker as a partner. He gets plenty to do in this week’s episode. Additionally, it&...

7 Good

TV Review: Peacemaker, 1×3, “Better Goff Dead”

Episode three of Peacemaker is one of those episodes that it’s both exciting and confusing at the same time. We finally learn what the Butterflies are and are starting to understand they’r...

8 Great

TV Review: Peacemaker, 1×2, “Best Friends, For Never”

Episode two of Peacemaker is one of those episodes that will stick in my memory for quite some time. The central conceit is getting Peacemaker out of the apartment of the woman he killed, who happened...

8 Great

TV Review: Peacemaker, 1×1, “A Whole New Whirled”

Chike Coleman reviews the first episode of Peacemaker, starring John Cena, from the twisted mind of James Gunn.

9 Amazing
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