Keith David

‘Nope’ Review: Jordan Peele’s Close Encounter Delivers a Horse of a Different Color

The caretakers at a horse ranch in a lonely gulch in inland California bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery.

8 Great

Review: Boseman Brings Weight To Standard Cop Drama ‘21 Bridges’

Aaron Neuwirth reviews 21 Bridges, a cop drama featuring Chadwick Boseman doing solid work in a familiar story.

6 Fair

They Live 30th Anniversary: And Now They Don’t Even Hide Anymore

I did not see They Live in theaters 30 years ago, but it came out when I’d started reading Fangoria so I remember the pictures of the aliens. When I finally saw They Live on HBO, I was excited by the ...

Franchise Fred Interview: Tales From The Hood 2 Could Lead To A Streaming/TV Series

Universal Home Entertainment has been doing a great job keeping franchises alive. Their greatest work is the Chucky sequels, which have been theatrical quality and taken the series in bold directions....

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