Lakeith Stanfield

The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018) - Movie Review

Review: ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ Reboots as Lisbeth Salander’s ‘Millennium: Impossible’

Matt Marshall reviews 'The Girl in the Spider's Web,' the latest Lisbeth Salander crime drama starring Claire Foy and LaKeith Stanfield.

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Review: ‘Sorry To Bother You’ But Enjoy This Wildly Ambitious Film

Sometimes it is easy to tell when a new cinematic voice is ready to be heard. Sorry to Bother You has the benefit of a high-profile cast to keep it from slipping through the cracks, which is precisely...

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Review: Atlanta – Robbin’ Season 2×11, “Crabs In A Barrel”

While not entirely unexpected, a sense of hope was able to come through in the season finale of Atlanta – Robbin’ Season. “Crabs in a Barrel” is the proper follow-up to “North of the Border,” after th...

Review: Atlanta – Robbin’ Season 2×10, “FUBU”

Following a possible shakeup in the relationship between Earn and Alfred during last week’s Atlanta, we take a look back in time for “FUBU,” which delivers an origin story fit for Robbin’ Season. I ha...

Review: Atlanta – Robbin’ Season 2×09, “North of the Border”

For all the time’s I’ve pointed out how Atlanta is a series that can play by its own rules as far as narrative arcs are concerned, I will not that I’m not only unsurprised by the rift that occurs betw...

Review: Atlanta – Robbin’ Season 2×08, “Woods”

Recall how Atlanta – Robbin’ Season was a reference to the have-nots going after the haves, particularly in the months leading up to Christmas, as people start getting desperate. While last week had t...

Review: Atlanta – Robbin’ Season 2×07, “Champagne Papi”

It is a testament to the very fluid nature of Atlanta that an episode like this week’s “Champagne Papi” can come after the nightmarish “Teddy Perkins” from last week. The series has a way of taking on...

Review: Atlanta – Robbin’ Season 2×05, “Barbershop”

The relationship between a black man and his barber is an important one. It’s one thing for men to get a haircut, but the whole experience in black America is a different one. The shop itself, and all...


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