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TV Review: ‘Genius: Aretha’ Launches Cynthia Erivo Into Emmy Race

Alan French reviews the latest season of the "Genius" anthology series. The latest season, "Genius: Aretha," focuses on Aretha Franklin's rise to fame.

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Review: Preacher 3×10, “The Light Above”

After weeks of buildup, Preacher delivers a finale well worth the wait. While this season had its ups and down when it came time to make us care about the hell-on-earth that Angelville was supposed to...

Review: Preacher 3×08, “The Tom/Brady”

If there was an example of a standard episode of Preacher out there, it seems like “The Tom/Brady” could be used as one. Sure, this is not an episode that showcases Jesse’s true power or places an emp...

Review: Preacher 3×07, “Hilter”

The only irritating part about going over my thoughts of this week’s Preacher is having to address the opening. “Hilter” begins with a look at Hitler’s life outside of Hell. I wasn’t a fan of involvin...

Review: Preacher 3×05, “The Coffin”

Things have been on the rise for Preacher. Last week’s episode was a good improvement over where things have been, and now we have” The Coffin,” which is a fine mix of plot, character, and the bizarre...

Review: Preacher 3×02, “Sonsabitches”

With the need to resolve last season’s cliffhanger out of the way, and some work done to set up the new locale for the season, we now have a Preacher episode that puts Jesse back on track with the mai...

Review: Preacher 3×01, “Angelville”

When we last saw the group of anti-heroes we’ve been following in Preacher, things had hit a bit of a rough patch, to say the least. Tulip (Ruth Negga) had been shot dead, and Jesse (Dominic Cooper) a...

San Diego Comic Con 2017: Timeless Fan Appreciation Panel

A quick recap of the Timeless panel at San Diego Comic Con. The creators and actors head to San Diego to show their appreciation for fans.


An unlikely trio travel through time in order to battle unknown criminals and protect history as we know it.

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