Sharon Stone

‘Ratched’ TV Review: The Infamous Nurse Deserves Better Than This

It is exceedingly rare for prequel projects to live up to the stories they seek to expand. The latest disappointing attempt is the new Netflix series, Ratched, created by Evan Romansky and developed b...

Sliver 25th Anniversary: Basically, It Sucks

Sliver may seem like a weird movie to look back on, but back then they would try adult fare counterprogramming in the summer. Single White Female was a summer movie the year before. Sliver interests m...

Action Jackson 30th Anniversary: It Should’ve Been A Franchise

Today should be the 30th anniversary of the Action Jackson franchise. Carl weathers absolutely should have his own Die Hard or Lethal Weapon. That was certainly the idea, and $20 million gross on a $7...

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