Film Festivals

AFI Fest Review: Under the Silver Lake – He Follows

The continuing delays to its release date have made Under the Silver Lake forbidden fruit. It was supposed to come out this summer, and then the end of this year but now won’t be out until 2019, but w...

AFI Fest Review: Vox Lux – Vox Sux

I tried to go with Brady Corbet’s second directorial feature Vox Lux. It seemed like he had something to say and had the tools of cinema with which to say it. There’s nothing unintentional about Vox L...

AFI FEST Review: “On the Basis of Sex”

Ashley Menzel reviews "On the Basis of Sex" starring Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux, Kathy Bates, Sam Waterston, and Cailee Spaeny.

AFI Fest: What You Need to See

Thinking of going to AFI? Here are the top films you need to see when you go.

Valley Film Festival Review: Not Your Skin

I saw Ester Brym’s first film, Butterflies, at the Valley Film Festival when I covered the local beat for Patch North Hollywood. The Patch assignment dried up but Brym still makes movies and I’ve seen...

Screamfest 2018 Review: Discarnate – It’s Science, Man

The last movie I saw at Screamfest 2018 was Discarnate, and it ended the week on a high note of gory monster fun and afterlife mythology. Hopefully it can be the beginning of a Discarnate franchise in...

Do You Like Documentaries? If so, the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival is for you!

Scott Menzel shares his thoughts on the 27th Annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

Screamfest Review: You Die – Appy Death Day

Horror movies have not been great at finding the terror in social media. Friend Request didn’t seem to know how Facebook actually works, and the Unfriended films struggle to keep everything happening ...

Screamfest Review: The Golem – Killing Them Gentilely

The mythology of different cultures contain unique creatures that could be the basis for horror movies. The Golem is a Jewish creature but it’s universal. Well, you may appreciate it a tiny bit more i...

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