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Who Should Replace Kevin Hart as Oscar Host? Here are Five Suggestions.

With Kevin Hart stepping down from hosting the Oscars, Joelle Monique offers some suggestions as to who should step in as his replacement.

The Naked Gun 30th Anniversary: Deadpan’s Labyrinth

The prospect of commemorating The Naked Gun felt daunting to me. It’s so universally acknowledged as hilarious as it is. What could I possibly add to it? But it has meant so much to me I have to try. ...

Franchise Fred Returns To Cocoon: The Return 30 Years Later

30 years ago today, the entire cast of Cocoon returned for a sequel, but audiences did not return for Cocoon: The Return. I think it’s an interesting sequel, both as an example of, “What else do you d...

What We Learned at Ralph Breaks The Internet Press Day

At a recent press conference for the film, John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Taraji P. Henson, Jack McBrayer, Rich Moore, Phil Johnston, Clark Spencer, and Pamela Ribon shared some interesting tidbits ...

Man’s Best Friend 25th Anniversary: Murder & Hooch

I would have liked a killer dog movie anyway, but I loved Man’s Best Friend even more in light of all the adorable dog movies like K-9, Turner & Hooch and Beethoven that preceded it. It actually f...

Quantum of Solace 10th Anniversary: Shaky but Stirring

When Quantum Of Solace opened 10 years ago today, it set a record opening for a Bond movies with $67.5 million. That’s people wanting more Daniel Craig. He made such an impressive debut with Casino Ro...

Coronado Island Film Festival: A Slice of Homegrown Heaven

Ashley Menzel discusses the Coronado Island Film Festival which takes place in November each year.

What we lose if we lose FilmStruck

Joelle Monique shares her thoughts on what she believes the world loses when FilmStruck shuts down later this month.

Child’s Play 30th Anniversary: Franchise Fred’s Little Boy Is All Grown Up

In 1988 I was just getting brave enough to watch horror movies. My neighbor got me into the first three Nightmares on Elm Street which I loved because of the dream world. Nightmare 4 was my first horr...

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