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21 Fun Facts About The Godzilla Franchise

Godzilla enthusiast Aaron Neuwirth lays out 21 fun, wild, and ridiculous facts about the long-running Godzilla franchise.

The Crow 25th Anniversary: 1/4 Century Without Brandon Lee

25 years ago I finally got to see Brandon Lee’s final film. He’d died 26 years ago filming The Crow and for a while it was unsure whether the film could or would be finished. I had only just discovere...

Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Box Office

Freditorial: How To Talk About Movies Post-Avengers: Endgame

So we survived the mad rush to get Avengers Endgame tickets and make it to screenings without being spoiled. Now was supposed to be the fun part: sharing it. Only I’ve been talking about Avengers Endg...

My First Trip to Pixar: An Early Sneak Peek at “Toy Story 4”

Scott Menzel gets an early in-depth look at Toy Story 4 when attending a press day at Pixar's headquarters.

When A Man Loves A Woman 25th Anniversary: When Franchise Fred Loves A Drama

When a Man Loves a Woman opened in New York and L.A. 25 years ago today. It didn’t make it to Annapolis until May 13, the same weekend The Crow opened. I wanted to see The Crow again, and I would ulti...

What to Stream? 5 Films with Female Directors You Can Stream This Weekend

If you're not into the crowds and chaos of opening weekend of a Marvel film, or just don't care to see Avengers: Endgame there is a ton of fantastic content streaming on various platforms. Here are fi...

Ranked: Marvel Cinematic Universe Films

Daniel Rester ranks every Marvel Cinematic Universe film, including the latest MCU entries 'Ant-Man and the Wasp,' 'Captain Marvel,' and 'Avengers: Endgame.'

Avengers: Endgame World Premiere Reactions

The first reactions are in for "Avengers: Endgame" from the film's world premiere.

Crank: High Voltage 10 Year Anniversary – Make Love, Not Sense

I always say I want movies to make less sense. They’re not real life. Following the guidelines of reality inhibits creativity in a medium where everything should be possible. Neveldine and Taylor hear...

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