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Various opinion articles from the staff and contributors of We Live Entertainment

A Quest into the World of “Onward”

Scott Menzel shares what he learned about Pixar's Onward during a recent trip to Pixar Animation Studios.

The 20 Best 3D Movies Of The Decade (2010-2019)

Aaron Neuwirth lists out the top twenty best 3D films of the decade, with a focus on the use of the format in the film.

Scott Menzel’s 19 Favorite Films of 2019

Scott Menzel counts down his 19 favorite films of 2019.

Aaron Neuwirth’s 19 Favorite Movie Scenes Of 2019

Going from knife fights to moon chases to Sondheim, Aaron Neuwirth lists his favorite movie moments from 2019.

Ranked: ‘Star Wars’ Films

Daniel Rester ranks all of the'Star Wars' live action films from worst to best, including the newly-released ‘Star Wars: Episode IX -- The Rise of Skywalker.' 

What We Learned About Frozen 2 and What You Need To Know!

Jana Nagase shares what she learned about Frozen 2 at an early press day.

JoJo Rabbit Is Very Funny And A Must-See

Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit defies so much conventional wisdom that one of its greatest achievements is how it is truly a divisive crowd-pleaser. (No, that isn’t a contradiction). I didn&#...

From “Let It Go” to “Into the Unknown,” This is Frozen 2

Jana Nagase shares her experience and what she learned at the Frozen 2 early press day.

Rambo Films Ranked

Daniel Rester ranks all five films in the Rambo series, starring Sylvester Stallone, from worst to best.

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