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Is it Possible to go From a Film to the Broadway Theatre?

Is it Possible to go From a Film to the Broadway Theatre? Movies I Believe Have a Good Possibility to Translate Well to Theatre To quote The Drifters 1963 hit song “On Broadway,” “They say there’...


What to Watch on Netflix: The Indies You Missed but Will Love

Ashley Menzel gives a list of some of the best independent films playing on Netflix now. Check them out before they are gone!

Most Anticipated Panels at San Diego Comic Con

Most Anticipated Panels at San Diego Comic Con Ashley Menzel takes a look at her most anticipated panels of San Diego Comic Con 2017. Check out the full schedule here. Thursday 20th Century Fox With a...

Spider-Man Homecoming

Franchise Freditorial: Why Can’t They Get Spider-Man Right Anymore?

Franchise Fred traces how each successive Spider-Man lost the essence of Peter Parker, and how Lord and Miller can get it back!

All The Spider-Man Films RANKED from Worst to Best.

Nick Casaletto ranks all of the standalone Spider-Man films thus far, starting with the original Spider-Man, all the way to Homecoming.

The Best Films of 2017 So Far

Daniel Rester lists his picks of the best films of 2017 so far, from horror films like "Get Out" and "Raw" to comic book films like "Logan."

Why People Love Pixar Shorts and the Cars Franchise.

A recap of the Cars 3 and LOU press junket that discusses why people love Cars and Pixar short films.

Top 5 Films of 2017 (So Far)

We are at the halfway point of 2017 and Nick Casaletto gives his top 5 favorite films of the year so far. Will your favorite be on his list?

'Wonder Woman' (2017) - Gal Gadot

Top 5 Superhero Origin Films That Must Be Rewatched After ‘Wonder Woman’

After seeing the critically-acclaimed 'Wonder Woman,' Matt Marshall lists five other superhero origin films, which rise above the rest.

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