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In-House Reviews: The Banker, Blow The Man Down, The Climb, & Critical Thinking

The following features brief reviews for The Banker, Blow the Man Down, The Climb, and Critical Thinking.

Escape from pretoria

Review: “Escape From Pretoria” – An Entertaining Look at a Historic Prison Break

Mark Krawczyk takes a look at a new historical prison-break film starring Daniel Radcliffe and Ian Hart and Directed by Francis Annan.

9 Amazing
Mothers of Monsters

Review: M.O.M.(Mothers of Monsters) – A Chillingly Realistic Thriller

Mark Krawczyk takes a look at M.O.M. (Mothers of Monsters), a new found footage thriller that explores the home life of a potential school shooter from the perspective of hidden cameras placed around ...

Review: ‘Guns Akimbo’ is Frenetic and Fun Nonsense

Daniel Rester reviews the video game-like action film 'Guns Akimbo,' starring Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving.

7.5 Good

Review: ‘The Hunt’ Was Not Worth the Heated Hype

Daniel Rester reviews the controversial horror-thriller 'The Hunt,' directed by Craig Zobel and starring Betty Gilpin.

5.2 Average

Review: ‘Bloodshot’ Runs on Diesel and Predictable Plotting

Daniel Rester reviews the sci-fi action film 'Bloodshot,' starring Vin Diesel and Guy Pierce and directed by David Wilson.

5.7 Average

Review: Vin Diesel Lives, Dies, and Repeats In The Lifeless ‘Bloodshot’

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Bloodshot, a live-action take on the popular Valiant Comics series, starring Vin Diesel.

3 Bad

Review: ‘The Hunt’ Presents The Most Dangerous Deplorables

Aaron Neuwirth reviews The Hunt, a film pitting very distinct groups against each other, with a giant dose of dark humor to go along with all of the bloodshed.

7 Good

Review: ‘Big Time Adolescence’ Delivers Big Time Indie Comedy Vibes

Aaron Neuwirth reviews Big Time Adolescence, the comedy that gives Pete Davidson his first major leading role.

7 Good

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