Film Reviews

“Hollidaysburg” Review by Ashley Menzel

The cast is comprised of unknown actors, all of whom do an incredible job of portraying an extremely realistic dilemma that faces many young adults returning home.

“The Good Lie” Review by Ashley Menzel

Rarely does a film come along that touches you so strongly and restores the faith that you once had in humanity.

“St. Vincent” Review by Ashley Menzel

This performance by Bill Murray , I would argue that it is one of his best ever.

Gone Girl Review by Ashley Menzel

I do not like this movie. I find it full, average and uninspired.


“Nightcrawler” Review by Ashley Menzel

The film delivers a suspenseful ride and like any good movies, makes you question your perception of your everyday reality.

“Project Almanac” Review by Ashley Menzel

This film does an incredible job of stretching the imagination in a believable and realistic way.

“Sex Tape” Review by Ashley Menzel

Well, here it is folks… the typical crude summer comedy from Sony… Sex Tape.

“Obvious Child” Review by Ashley Menzel

It is an unapologetic vignette of the real-life choices an American single woman has to make in the anti-feminist world.

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Review by Ashley Menzel

This film, at the core offers a lot of things to ponder. As humans, we SHOULD feel more empathy for the humans in this situation, but we don’t. Why is that?

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