Film Reviews

Justice League Review: The Most Fun You Will Have at the Movies all Year!

Scott Menzel reviews Zack Snyder's Justice League.

8.5 Great

AFI Fest Review: ‘Spoor’ Delivers A Decent Polish Mystery

If there is one thing I’ll take away from Spoor (or Pokot in Polish), it is the actual look of Poland. As much as I know about Poland from a historical standpoint, it seems so rare that I get to look ...

7 Good

AFI Fest Review: Bodied – Gr8 Mile

If, like me, your only exposure to battle rap has been 8 Mile or James Corden’s Drop the Mic, Bodied has you covered. If battle rap is your life, I can only imagine Bodied is for you what Rounders is ...

Gradebook: Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express: The Gradebook is the ratings of newly released films by the contributors and fans of  We Live Entertainment.

6.3 Fair

Ithaca Fantastik Review: Vampyr Vidar – It Certainly Does Suck

Vampyr Vidar is misogynistic, homophobic and rapey. Worse, it mistakes all three things for edgy. Vidar (Thomas Aske Berg) confesses his story to a psychologist (Kim Sonderholm), from when he was a re...

Review: Wonder is the Feel-Good Film of the Year

Scott Menzel reviews Wonder which is based on the best selling children's novel by R.J. Palacio

8 Great
Amanda & Jack Go Glamping (2017) - Movie Review

Review: ‘Amanda & Jack Go Glamping’ Plays It Safe in the Woods

Matt Marshall reviews 'Amanda & Jack Go Glamping,' an indie romantic comedy starring David Arquette, Amy Acker and June Squibb.

5 Average

Misery Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Review

Patrick McCabe reviews Misery on Blu-Ray

Review: ‘Mudbound’ Is A Rural Drama That Digs Deep

Through no fault of its own, Mudbound is the latest American period drama with racial tension on its mind. The reaction from many may be to either rally around it merely for existing or putting the fi...

8 Great

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