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Super Troopers 2 Movie Review: Franchise Fred Meowproves

Good news, everybody! Super Troopers 2 is not another Caddyshack II or Blues Brothers 2000 situation! Of course, Super Troopers was never an untouchable comedy classic, but it was a fun comedy where t...

Review: ‘Rampage’ is the Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

Scott Menzel reviews the action-packed "Rampage," starring Dwayne Johnson.

6 Fair

Review: No Need to Play This Stupid Game of ‘Truth or Dare’

Kit Bowen reviews "Truth or Dare," the latest horror movie from Blumhouse, starring Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey and Violett Beane.

4 Poor

Michael Moore’s The Big One 20th Anniversary: The Movie That Changed My Life

20 years ago today, Michael Moore changed my life. When his second film, The Big One, played at Cornell Cinema, I was a junior at Ithaca College worrying about my dating life. Then I saw families with...

30 Years Of Steven Seagal: To Change The Essence Of A Man

Perhaps now is not the best time for a Steven Seagal retrospective since he seems to have defected to Russia and allegations of his abuse stretches from the making of On Deadly Ground to recently. I’v...

Indecent Proposal’s 25th Anniversary: A Decent Re-evaluation

I always liked high concept movies. Movies like Speed and Face/Off where just hearing what it’s about makes you have to see it. High concept isn’t just for action though. When I saw the trailer for In...

Fred Topel’s (Spoiler) Review Of Tyler Perry’s Acrimony: A Fred Topel Movie Review

Some spoilers for Tyler Perry’s Acrimony. Acrimony is Taraji P. Henson’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. It’s not nonstop rage, so I don’t want to mislead you there, but you get to se...

God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness (2018) - Movie Review

Review: Oh Hell No, ‘God’s Not Dead’ Returns with a Third Round of Melodrama

Matt Marshall reviews 'God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness,' the third installment of faith-based franchise by Pure Flix.

2 Awful

Review: Steven Spielberg And The ‘Ready Player One’ Nostalgia Factory

Sometimes a property aligns too close to its most obvious inspiration. Ready Player One joins Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as modern adaptations...

8 Great

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