Film Reviews

Last Flag Flying Review: The Devil in The Detail

Last Flag Flying does a great job introducing its characters and their dynamic. There is a lot of potential for the natural conflict that ensues, however the second half of the film ends up tying ever...

A Bad Moms Christmas Review: Yuletide Yourself Over

Franchise Fred reviews A Bad Moms Christmas

A Bad Moms Christmas Review: The Ultimate Holiday Girls’ Night Film

Ashley Menzel reviews A Bad Moms Christmas, the sequel to Bad Moms starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn.

8.5 Great

The Man Who Invented Christmas Review: An Inspiring & Magical Story of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Ashley Menzel reviews "The Man Who Invented Christmas," a behind the scenes tale of the creation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

9 Amazing

’50 Shades of Grey’ Stephen King Style in ‘Gerald’s Game’

Nile Fortner reviews Gerald's Game starring Carla Gugino, Carel Struycken, and Bruce Greenwood. Gerald’s Game is now streaming on Netflix.

8 Great
Jigsaw (2017) - Movie Review

Review: ‘Jigsaw’ Needs to Quit Playing Games with Saw Franchise

Matt Marshall reviews 'Jigsaw,' the eighth installment of the 'Saw' franchise starring Tobin Bell and Matt Passmore.

5 Average

Review: ‘Jigsaw’ Fits The Pieces Together And Still Looks Crooked

After several Octobers featuring no ads proclaiming, “If it’s Halloween, it’s Saw,” the franchise has come back to thrill, perplex and disgust audiences everywhere. Jigsaw is the eighth entry in the o...

4 Poor

Jigsaw in 4DX Review: Franchise Fred Wins

Thank you, Jigsaw for proving my theory that nothing guarantees another sequel like a franchise declaring a final chapter. It’s also my first horror movie in 4DX and proved to be a great match for the...

Review: ‘The Square” Cuts To The Bizarre Core Of Modern Art

I tend to have trouble with modern art, specifically symbolic sculptures and performance pieces. It is not due to a lack of admiration for an artists’ choice of expression, but the importance often ev...

8 Great

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