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Lou Simon's 3

“3” Review: A Smart, Intense Indie Thriller

3 is the new revenge horror thriller from writer director Lou Simon. The film is about a man and a woman who kidnap the woman’s rapist in order to get him to confess to the crime. The couple is unafra...

AFI Fest Review: ‘I, Tonya’ Trashes The Competition

There’s something great about seeing a biopic that leans into the irony and allows supposed facts to contradict themselves. I, Tonya focuses on the life of the infamous American figure skater Tonya Ha...

8 Great

AFI Fest Review: Thoroughbreds – Thoroughfred Approves

Thoroughbreds is a female friendship movie with balls. This is not the Disneyfied version of teenage girls coming of age together. If it were that, Thoroughbreds would probably not be a movie for Sund...

Coco Review: A Beautiful Ode to the Love of Family

Ashley Menzel reviews Disney/ Pixar's latest animated feature film, Coco. Coco hits theaters this Thanksgiving.

7.5 Good

AFI Fest Review: ‘In The Fade’ Tackles Topical Drama Well Enough

There’s an awful lot of satisfaction to get from seeing punishment given to those partaking in ugly ideological practices in movies. In the Fade delivers that sort of drama by placing its lead charact...

7 Good

Ithaca Fantastik Review: Hagazussa – It’s Art, Man

When I heard that Hagazussa was the director’s thesis film, it felt appropriate to be watching it at Ithaca Fantastik. Here I am back in Ithaca watching student films again! In four parts, Albru...

AFI Fest 2017: I, Tonya Review

Ashley Menzel reviews I, Tonya which tells the story of the famed figure skating icon, Tonya Harding & the event that changed her life.

9 Amazing

Justice League Review: Avengers Who?

Ashley Menzel reviews the highly anticipated DC film, Justice League starring Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher & Jason Momoa.

8.5 Great

Justice League Review: The Most Fun You Will Have at the Movies all Year!

Scott Menzel reviews Zack Snyder's Justice League.

8.5 Great

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