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The Mummy Review: Franchise Fred Exhumes

Franchise Fred approves The Mummy, as a Tom Cruise action vehicle and as the first in Universal's upcoming Dark Universe series.

Captain Underpants Review: Flatulent Franchise Fred Approves

The Captain Underpants movie is wonderfully irreverent and meta, if unfortunately aimed exclusively at little boys.

Franchise Fred Reviews The Entire Ernest Movie Franchise

All nine Ernest movies reviewed and ranked for the 30th anniversary of Ernest Goes to Camp. 3 of the straight to video ones are still good!

Rene Russo - Lethal Weapon 3

Rene Russo in Lethal Weapon 3: 25 Years of Feminist Franchise Fred

25 years ago I fell in love with badass Rene Russo in Lethal Weapon 3. This is the story of how I became Feminist Franchise Fred.

Franchise Fred Report: Cult of Chucky Combines Andy, Tiffany, Nica… and Glen/Glenda?

16 things Franchise Fred learned about the new Cult of Chucky, including Alex Vincent, Glen/Glenda, Inception and De Palma references and more.

Smurfs: The Lost Village Review – Franchise Fred Disasmurfs

Franchise Fred disasmurfs the latest all animated Smurfs movie, which has an interesting idea it never actually addresses.

Power Rangers Review: It’s Franchise Fred Approvin’ Time!

Franchise Fred approves Power Rangers, a progressive and inclusive kids movie that hits the modern gritty aesthetic without losing its sense of fun.

Beauty and the Beast Review: Franchise Fred Approves

Franchise Fred approves the live-action Beauty and the Beast, having been adapted into an animated film with DTV sequels, a Broadway musical and back!

Rose Leslie

Franchise Fred Interview: Rose Leslie On The Good Fight

Franchise Fred interviews Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie about her role on The Good Fight, CBS All Access's spinoff to The Good Wife.

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