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"Game of Thrones" - The Door

Game of Thrones: “The Door” Review

In 'The Door,' Bran's visions affect past and present. Sansa confronts Littlefinger about her abusive marriage to Ramsay.

8 Great
"Game of Thrones" - Book of the Stranger

Game of Thrones: “Book of the Stranger” Review

In "Book of the Stranger," families are reunited including Sansa and Jon Snow at Castle Black. Dany faces her fate with the Dothraki.

9 Amazing
"Game of Thrones" (HBO) - Oathbreaker

Game of Thrones: “Oathbreaker” Review

In 'Oathbreaker,' Jon Snow faces his resurrection and murderers at Castle Black. Bran and the Three-eyed Raven visit the Tower of Joy.

8 Great
Game of Thrones - Jon Snow Returns

Game of Thrones: “Home” Review

'Home' brings Bran Stark back into the fold of 'Game of Thrones.' Attempts to revive Jon Snow continue at Castle Black.

7 Good
'Game of Thrones' - The Red Woman

Game of Thrones: “The Red Woman” Review

'The Red Woman' follows the aftermath of the 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 cliffhanger. Melisandre reveals a major secret. Jon Snow's death is dealt with.

8 Great

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