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Grimm: “Lycanthropia” Review

Grimm: Lycanthropia Review: What is Renard up to? What is going on with Nick and Adalind? What is this "stick?" Where do those tunnels go? SO MANY QUESTION!

Grimm “Into the Schwarzwald” Review

What do Nick and Monroe find at the bottom of a hole in the Black Forest that is so important ?

Grimm “Key Move” Review by Ashley Menzel

All the craziness in all the world and it happens to our friends on Grimm.

Grimm: “Silence of the Slams” Review

Again, Grimm has so many different plot points going at once, but they all seem to be working well together.

Grimm “Map of the Seven Knights” Review

Well, shit. Someone remembered about those damn keys! WOOO! I loved that storyline but why did it take them until Season 5 to bring them back.

Grimm “Star- Crossed” Review

Grimm: Crosses, ritual sacrifice and brainwashing recruitment. What a crazy episode this was.

Grimm “A Reptile Dysfunction” Review

Another episode of craziness and a lot of things going on with a punny title.

Grimm “Eve of Destruction” Review

This episode of Grimm doesn’t keep us waiting and gives us the answer to our burning question… WHO THE FUDGE IS EVE?!

Grimm “Wesen Nacht” Review by Ashley Menzel

The latest Grimm episode, “Wesen Nacht” left me speechless.

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