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Review: The Walking Dead 9×07, “Stradivarius”

Now, with some distance from the awkward transitioning out of the Rick Grimes-led era of The Walking Dead, the show is starting to get back on track. “Stradivarius” works well enough to do what last w...

Review: The Walking Dead 9×06, “Who Are You Now?”

Judith Grimes sucks. I’m sorry, but that’s where my head is at with this second new status quo for The Walking Dead this season. Following the sloppy end to Rick Grimes last week, we are now seeing wh...

Review: The Walking Dead 9×05, “What Comes After”

Welp, I was afraid of this, and I’m not just talking about Deus ex helicopter. Even with the lack of a vacuum-like handling of The Walking Dead to preserve the realization that Rick Grimes/Andrew Linc...

Review: The Walking Dead 9×04, “The Obliged”

And so, the legend of Rick Grimes ends with the man falling from his horse. I mean, sure, “The Obliged” presents a scenario that The Walking Dead can surely get its hero out of at the last second, but...

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Review

Ashley Menzel dives into the highly anticipated Netflix show, "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." The show is set to drop on Netflix on Friday, October 26th.

8 Great

Review: The Walking Dead 9×03, “Warning Signs”

Well, this is going well. “Warning Signs” is a terrific episode of The Walking Dead. It’s following up on the nuanced approached to characters that was so refreshing to see again in last week’s episod...

Review: The Walking Dead 9×02, “The Bridge”

Something that had been bugging me about the past couple seasons of The Walking Dead was its choice to settle for brutality as its best course of action. Not that extreme violence wouldn’t be seen in ...

Review: The Walking Dead 9×01, “A New Beginning”

Following a decline in interest when it came to The Walking Dead, and an unusually good season of Fear the Walking Dead, the prospect of a soft reboot for the original AMC zombie hit was an interestin...

“A Million Little Things” Pilot Review

Ashley Menzel reviews the pilot episode of the ABC show, "A Million Little Things." It stars David Giuntoli, Romany Malco, and James Roday. The show airs on Wednesdays at 10 PM on ABC.

8.5 Great

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