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The 16 Best Films of 2016 with 16 Honorable Mentions

Scott Menzel counts down his picks of the 16 Best Films of 2016 with 16 Honorable Mentions.

10 Worst Films of 2016

Ashley Menzel gives her list of the worst of the worst films of 2016. Check out the list and comment with your thoughts!

15 Best Films of 2016 : A List by Ashley Menzel

Ashley Menzel gives the best, must-see films of 2016 with this list. All the films you need to see before the end of the year!

10 Best 90s Halloween Movies

Ashley Menzel gives a list of the best 90s Halloween films to watch this year.

My Top 20 Most Anticipated TIFF 2016 Films

TIFF 2016: A detailed list of Ashley Menzel's twenty most anticipated films for Toronto International Film Festival 2016.

San Diego Comic Con Predictions: Movies

This article outlines our predictions for movies that will be at San Diego Comic Con in one way or another.

I Do Have a Sense of Humor: Films Ashley Menzel Finds Funny

Everyone thinks I don't have a sense of humor. Maybe I'm a robot? Maybe that portion of my brain has melted away due to too many terrible parody films? Who knows.

Superhero Movies & Why We Don’t Need Anymore

I recognize and anticipate the backlash I will receive for writing this article and am totally prepared, but I feel that it still needs to be written.

2016 & 2017 Book to Film Adaptations to Read First by Ashley Menzel

Everyone knows the book is better!

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