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News – Jessica Chastain Passes on “Iron Man 3”

The new female star will not be joining the cast for the Marvel film.

News – “A Good Day to Die Hard” Gets a Villain

Who will play the next villain that Bruce Willis will bring down?

News – “Catching Fire” Gets Rewrite

Dominic La-Viola lets us in on who is set to do some rewrites for the "Catching Fire" script.

“The Avengers” – Review by Delon Villanueva

Delon Villanueva reviews the summer kickoff film, "The Avengers."

“The Avengers” – Review by Christian Becker

Christian Becker reviews the smash hit "The Avengers."

“The Avengers” – Review by Daniel Rester

Daniel Rester reviews the long-awaited superhero film "The Avengers."

“Sound of My Voice” – Review by Laurie Coker

Laurie recalls her experience with the "Sound of My Voice."

Trailer – “The Amazing Spiderman” Trailer 3

The newest trailer for "The Amazing Spiderman" that is premiering with "The Avengers" this weekend.

Tribeca 2012: Struck by Lightning Interview with Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer sits down and chats with MovieManMenzel about Struck by Lightning, Glee, Fame, and the Arts in school.

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