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“This Means War” – Review by Laurie Coker

Does McG have what it takes to create a successful action comedy? Laurie Coker lets you know.

“The Woman in Black” – Review by Laurie Coker

Laurie Coker gives We Live Film her opinion on "The Woman in Black"

News – Michael Bay To Produce Hansel And Gretel 3D

Michael Bay set to produce.

Trailer – “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”

Here is the first trailer for the much talked about "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter"

News – Romero’s 2012 Comic Book Movie Tribute Video


Opinion – “Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace” by Erik Bajzert

Erik Bajzert expresses his opinion on how George Lucas raped his legacy by creating three unnecessary prequels.

“The Woman in Black” – Review by Christian Becker

Christian Becker questions whether Harry Potter can handle dealing with "The Woman in Black"

“Safe House” – Review by MovieManMenzel

MovieManMenzel gives his written take on "Safe House" to see if Denzel Washington still has the goods.

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