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“Moon” – Video Review by Noah Moores

Noah Moores travels to Duncan Jones' first feature film "Moon"

News – A “Jackie Brown” Prequel is on it’s way.

A prequel to the beloved "Jackie Brown" is on its way.

“Escape from New York” – Retro Video Review by Daniel Rester

Daniel Rester takes a trip back in time and revisits Kurt Russell in "Escape from New York"

Opinion – Why does “Glee” get so much hate? by Zachary “Film Wizard” Marsh

As shocking as this may be, Film Wizard Marsh is proud to call himself a gleek, and explains why people should give the Fox television show Glee a chance.

“Act of Valor” – Review by FilmWizard Marsh

FilmWizard Marsh puts his X-Box 360 controller down and decides to see real U.S. Navy Seals kick ass in "Act of Valor."

“Puss in Boots” – Blu Ray Review & Unboxing by Film Fan Pete

Film Fan Pete gives us an impressive double feature as he unboxes and reviews "Puss in Boots"

“Point Break” – Retro Video Review by Miss Movies

Miss Movies digs into the old movie vault and reviews the classic "Point Break"

News – Michael Bay To Produce Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Live Action Film

Michael Bay goes from one beloved franchise to the next.

News – Bully: A Documentary

There is a new documentary in town called Bully, which yep, you guessed it addresses a very serious issue that is happening throughout the entire USA.

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