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“Smashed” – Review by MovieManMenzel

An honest, funny, and intimate portrayal of a married couple trying to battle an addiction Smashed tells the story of a married couple Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Charlie (Aaron Paul) who spend...

“Camelot: 45th Anniversary Edition” – Blu Ray Review by MovieManMenzel

MovieManMenzel reviews the Blu Ray for the Warner Brothers 45th Anniversary release of Camelot.

The Grade Book: “Paranormal Activity 4”

The scores are in for the newest "Paranormal Activity" film.

The Grade Book: “Sinister”

            Sinister Plot: An author tries to discover why a past family was murdered in his new home. Director: Scott Derrickson. Writers: C. Robert Cargill and Scott De...

PFF21: “The Sessions” – Video Review by Zachary Marsh & MovieManMenzel

Zachary Marsh and MovieManMenzel review the indie gem "The Sessions"

“Chained” – Video Review by Joe Cauwel

Joe Cauwel reviews "Chained"

“Wreck It Ralph” – Early Video Review by Steven Hunt

Steven Hunt gets an early sneak peak at Disney's "Wreck it Ralph"

Blu Ray Review Roundup – Episode 28 by Film Fan Pete

Film Fan Pete gives us reviews and unboxings for latest Blu Ray releases coming out 10/23/12

“That’s My Boy” – Blu Ray Review by Jake Peffer

Jake Peffer reviews "That's My Boy" which is now on Blu Ray

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