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“Premium Rush” – Review by Christian Becker

Christian Becker reviews the new thriller "Premium Rush."

The Bond 24 Project (Film #15): “Never Say Never Again” – Video Review by Dean Searle

Dean Searle reviews "Never Say Never Again" for the Bond 24 project.

SDCC: Jodie Foster Interview for “Elysium”

Jodie Foster talks about her upcoming film, "Elysium."

SDCC: Matt Damon Interview for “Elysium”

Matt Damon talks about his upcoming sci-fi film, "Elysium."

“Thank You Tony Scott” – by MovieManCHAD

Chad shares his thoughts on director Tony Scott's career.

“Premium Rush” Review by Ashley Menzel

Overall, I think this movie will be a good date movie for the end of summer. The guys will enjoy it; the women won’t be too bored by it and maybe even distracted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking at the...

“Fight Club” – Retro Movie Video Review by William Bond Nunn

William Bond Nunn reviews the cult classic "Fight Club."

“V/H/S” – Video Review by Joe Cauwel

Joe Cauwel reviews the new horror film "V/H/S."

“The Usual Suspects” – Retro Movie Video Review by Kevin Morrison

Kevin Morrison reviews the classic crime drama "The Usual Suspects."

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