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rolex milgauss copy might Swiss take pleasure in industry’s original identify.

“Some Like It Hot” – Trailer Review/Retro Movie Video Review by Joseph Stampher

Joseph Stampher reviews the Billy Wilder classic "Some Like It Hot"

News – Paramount to Release a New Paranormal Film

Will this be a new "Paranormal Activity"-like series?

Opinion – “You Can’t Love Movies without Bergman” by Joseph Stampher

Joseph Stampher talks about how you can't fully love movies without knowing a little something about Bergman.

“Titanic 3D” – Review by Daniel Rester

Daniel Rester becomes the "king of the world" with his review of "Titanic 3D."

News – Gary Ross Not Returning for “Hunger Games” Sequel

Will Gary Ross actually leave "The Hunger Games" series?

News – “Captain America” Sequel Set for 2014

The famous Avenger will get another film of his own in 2014.

News – “Bully” Granted a PG-13 Rating by the MPAA

"Bully" will now be able to be viewed by more target audiences.

“A Thousand Words” and “21 Jump Street” – Mini Reviews by FilmWizard Marsh

Film Wizard Marsh takes a breather and checks in to a couple of releases from the past four weeks, 'A Thousand Words' and '21 Jump Street.'

Opinion – “10 Romance-Themed Films to See Before You Die” by Daniel Rester

In honor of the re-release of "Titanic," Daniel Rester gives his take on some of the best romance-themed films ever made.

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