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The Flash “Enter Zoom” Review by Kevin Morrison

Barry finally gets to meet Zoom from Earth 2 in this episode and thus, so do we-and he’s REALLY scary.

Doctor Who: Before the Flood Review

Julz reviews the fourth episode of series 9 of Doctor Who entitled, "Before the Flood"

Supergirl “Fight or Flight” Review by Kevin Morrison

Cast in the shadow of her more prominent and experienced cousin, Superman, Kara is faced with trying to prove herself to National City

Grimm “The Grimm Identity” Review by Ashley Menzel

Grimm is BACK and in a BIG way!

Arrow “Restoration” Review

Kevin Morrison reviews Arrow Season 4 Episode 3 entitled "Restoration"

Arrow “Beyond Redemption” Review

Kevin Morrison's Review of Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 entitled: Beyond Redemption

The Flash “The Darkness and the Light” Review

Kevin Morrison reviews The Flash "The Darkness and the Light" Episode from Season 2.

Arrow “Haunted” Review

Kevin Morrison reviews the Arrow/Constantine Crossover episode.

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