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Review: Preacher 4×05, Bleak City

Aaron Neuwirth reviews season four, episode five of Preacher, "Bleak City" in which Tulip and Cassidy reunite, while Jesse has a different reunion.

Review: Preacher 4×04, “Search And Rescue”

Aaron Neuwirth reviews season four, episode four of Preacher, "Search and Rescue" in which Jesse is lost at sea, but trying to stay positive.

Review: Preacher 4×03, Deviant

Aaron Neuwirth reviews season four, episode three of Preacher, "Deviant" in which our heroes all seem stuck in a story not going too far this week.

Review: ‘The Kitchen’ Is Overstaffed

Aaron Neuwirth reviews The Kitchen, a crime drama based on a graphic novel, where three mob wives take over the Irish mob in 1978 Hell's Kitchen.

4 Poor

Review: Preacher 4×1 & 4×2, “Masada” and “Last Supper”

Aaron Neuwirth reviews the season four premiere of Preacher, which featured episodes "Masada" and "Last Supper" back-to-back.

Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home lowers the bar for the MCU.

Scott Menzel reviews Spider-Man: Far From Home.

4 Poor

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review – European Marvelcation

Spider-Man: Far From Home is definitely the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you liked Homecoming you’ll be very happy, but if you were disappointed in Homecoming like me, there’s still some good ...

Dark Phoenix Movie Review: The Unsatisfying X-Men

Maybe X-Men: The Last Stand wasn’t an accurate adaptation of the Dark Phoenix comics, but at least it was a fun celebration of an ensemble of character. Dark Phoenix feels joyless and obligatory. I do...

The Crow 25th Anniversary: 1/4 Century Without Brandon Lee

25 years ago I finally got to see Brandon Lee’s final film. He’d died 26 years ago filming The Crow and for a while it was unsure whether the film could or would be finished. I had only just discovere...

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