The Ice Cream Truck Review : A Horror Film with a Delightfully Fresh Flavor

Ice Cream Truck Review Mary is a struggling writer who moves back to her suburban hometown when her husband’s employer relocates him. She has ventured ahead of the rest of the family to get the house ...

The Lost Boys 30th Anniversary: A Goonies Adventure With Teeth

There are some moments in a young cinephile’s life that will never be repeated. You’ll never have another first time at a movie theater, and the first time my parents let my friends and I sit in a mov...

Natalia Leite talks traveling the world promoting her latest film, M.F.A.

Nick Casaletto sits down with actor/director Natalia Leite on her latest film staring Francesca Eastwood, "M.F.A."

Classic Review: ‘Night of the Living Dead’ (1968)

Daniel Rester reviews the late George A. Romero's horror classic 'Night of the Living Dead,' released in 1968.

9.7 Amazing

Death Note Movie Review: In Nicholas Sparks’ Mouth of Madness

Fred Topel reviews Death Note which premieres on Netflix this August.

Exclusive Interview: Jean Smart On Her First Horror Movie And Legion

Could it be that Jean Smart had never done a horror movie before? When I saw she was in Awaken the Shadowman I tried to think of one, and it turns out this is her first. For the versatile star of Desi...

Gradebook: Wish Upon

Wish Upon: The Gradebook is the ratings of newly released films by the contributors and fans of We Live Film, and We Live Entertainment.

3.2 Bad
'Wish Upon' (2017) - Movie Review

Review: ‘Wish Upon’ Wastes Wishes on Lifeless ‘Final Destination’ Rip-Off

Matt Marshall reviews the supernatural horror film, 'Wish Upon,' starring Joey King and Ryan Phillippe from Broad Green Pictures.

2 Awful

Wish Upon Review: I Wish I Had Those 90-Minutes Back

Wish Upon Review: I Wish I Had Those 90-Minutes Back Every year there seems to be some trend during the summer movie season. Let’s call it, “The Final Destination Effect.” This is wh...

4 Poor

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