Period Drama

Judy and Punch

Sundance 2019: Judy and Punch Movie Review – #notmyPunchandJudy

Inspired by the classic Punch and Judy puppet show, Judy and Punch is a tonal and narrative mess. I believe there is a story one could adapt but this is not it. In Seaside, which is not by the sea, Mr...

Review: ‘The Favourite’ Is All About Power

The regal period drama often feels like a requirement for this time of year, and yet The Favourite feels like an attempt to work against expectation. Yes, the Yorgos Lanthimos-directed film features e...

9 Amazing

Review: ‘Green Book’ Delivers A Marvelous And Timely Road Trip Movie

A black musician and a white driver become friends during a music tour in the Deep South. I tend to have a level of apprehension towards movies that follow a model similar to Green Book. While I can a...

8 Great

Trailer: This ‘The Seagull’ Adaptation Looks Delightfully Quirky

The new trailer for "The Seagull," a big-screen adaptation of Anton Chekov's famous play, looks intriguing.

Review: ‘Phantom Thread’ Is Carefully Tailored Cinema

It’s been interesting to see how precision has taken over Paul Thomas Anderson’s filmography. There are traces of his detailed aesthetic in earlier efforts such as Hard Eight or Boogey Nights. However...

8 Great

Review: ‘Darkest Hour’ Delivers Far More Than Mere Adequacy

It’s not often I am surprised by the quality of a film these days, so it means something when I am caught off guard by how much I enjoy certain features. Darkest Hour is a great example, as the film i...

9 Amazing

Review: ‘Mudbound’ Is A Rural Drama That Digs Deep

Through no fault of its own, Mudbound is the latest American period drama with racial tension on its mind. The reaction from many may be to either rally around it merely for existing or putting the fi...

8 Great

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