‘The Way I See It’ Exclusive Interview with Laura Dern and Pete Souza

Pete Souza captures historic and intimate moments as a photographer for President Barack Obama and President Ronald Reagan.

‘The Comey Rule’ Review: As polarizing as James Comey is himself

Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson star as former FBI Dir. James Comey and President Donald J. Trump in this limited series of the story of two powerful men, whose strikingly different ethics and lo...

TIFF 2020 Review: ‘The Way I See It’ Takes Fly On The Wall Approach To Powerful Story

Former Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza's journey as a person with top secret clearance and total access to the President.

9 Amazing

We Live Entertainment’s “Irresistible” Digital Rental Code Giveaway

A Democratic strategist helps a retired veteran-run for mayor in a small, conservative Midwest town.

The Front Runner Review: Hugh Jackman Becomes Gary Hart

Scott Menzel's review of the Front Runner from the World Premiere at the 2018 Telluride Film Festival.

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