"Arrival" (2016) - Blu-ray News

New to Blu-ray: Academy Award Nominee ‘Arrival’ Makes Contact This Tuesday

For the week of February 14th, Academy Award nominee, 'Arrival' comes home before the big show. 'The Edge of Seventeen' and 'Billy Lynn' also debut.

"La La Land" (2016) - Best of 2016 List

Best of 2016: Mesmerizing Musicals, Weird Indies and All Hail Black Phillip

Critic Matt Marshall presents his Best of 2016 list, counting down the top 10 movies of the year plus some honorable mentions.

"Moana" (2016) - Box Office

Box Office: ‘Moana’ Celebrates Again on Top Over ‘Office Christmas Party’

Disney's 'Moana' continues its dominance at the box office this weekend over comedic newcomer, 'Office Christmas Party.'

"Office Christmas Party" (2016) - Box Office Preview

Box Office Preview: ‘Office Christmas Party’ Looks to Make Some Noise

Can 'Office Christmas Party' spread some holiday cheer and end 'Moana's' two-week reign atop the box office this weekend?

"Moana" (2016) - Weekend Box Office

Box Office: ‘Moana’ Rules Over Quiet Post-Thanksgiving Weekend

'Moana' is on the voyage of becoming another Disney hit, claiming the top spot for the second week in a row at the box office.

"Incarnate" (2016) - Box Office Preview

Box Office Preview: ‘Incarnate’ Faces December Heaven vs. Hell Showdown

'Moana' looks to take the top spot again at the box office, while newcomer 'Incarnate' might not raise enough hell this weekend.

"Moana" (2016) - Weekend Box Office

Box Office: ‘Moana’ Dethrones ‘Fantastic Beasts’ with $81M Holiday Haul

'Moana' wasn't exactly another 'Frozen' phenomenon, but still sailed to the top of the box office this Thanksgiving weekend.

"Moana" (2016) - Box Office Preview

Box Office Preview: ‘Moana’ to Sail on Blockbuster Holiday Waters

Disney is hoping that their latest animated princess film, 'Moana' will be a box office bonanza this Thanksgiving weekend.

"Arrival" (2016) - Movie Review

Review: ‘Arrival’ Prevails as Intellectual Encounter of the Third Kind

Matt Marshall is pleased to place Denis Villeneuve's first contact film, 'Arrival' alongside some of the greatest modern sci-fi films.

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