LA Film Festival

LA Film Festival: “Girl Flu.” Film Review

LA Film Festival: "Girl Flu." Film Review: A wonderful, realistic and gritty female coming of age story that finally focuses women in a real light.

LA Film Festival Review: “The View from Tall” is Bold, Daring and Thought-Provoking

The View From Tall premiered at the 2016 LA Film Festival. This is my review of the film.

LA Film Festival Review: Opening Night is a Hilarious Homage to Musical Theatre

A failed Broadway singer who now works as a production manager must save opening night on his new production by wrangling his eccentric cast and crew.

LA Film Festival: “Opening Night” Review

Opening Night was a complete joy to watch. I could have stayed in the theater and just started it from the beginning again.

LA Film Festival 2016: “Free CeCe” Review

Free CeCe is a documentary about CeCe McDonald, featuring Laverne Cox and the violence and struggles she faces as a transgender woman of color.

LA Film Festival Review: Chee and T is a Misguided Indie Dramedy

Chee and T held its World Premiere at the LA Film Festival. This is my review of the dramedy film directed by Tanuj Chopra.

LA Film Festival Review: Beyond the Gates

Beyond the Gates: a perfect balance of humor, horror & adventure, encompassing everything that was great about 80s horror

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