The Kid Who Would Be King

Glass (2019) - Box Office

Box Office: ‘Glass’ Remains on Top with $19M, ‘Aquaman’ Sinks ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Worldwide

M. Night Shyamalan's 'Glass' tops the box office once again as 'Aquaman' makes history as DC's highest-grossing film worldwide.

“The Kid Who Would Be King” Review

Ashley Menzel reviews Joe Cornish's "The Kid Who Would Be King."

7.5 Good

Review: ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ Rules The School

It has become something of a joke to see new cinematic takes on characters such as King Arthur and Robin Hood, and yet studios keep trying and failing to set up new franchises around them. Now, along ...

7 Good

Review: ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ Is the King Arthur Movie We Want

There are ways to retell the Arthurian legend in a refreshing way – and The Kid Who Would Be King is it.

8 Great

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